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Advantages of Professional Video Surveillance Monitors

Thinking about upgrading your security system? Installing a wireless video surveillance system within your home can be an excellent start! After all, your home is where you should feel the safest and no security measure should be overlooked. A home video surveillance system serves as a great way to monitor what occurs inside your home and does a lot more than just protect what’s dear to you from criminals.

Following are 10 reasons why every home should be equipped with a Wireless Home Surveillance System:

1. Systems are Wire-free

Wireless mesh communication networks and applications are the future of the alarm industry! Fleenor Security uses a secure cellular connection that notifies their locally owned UL central station in a matter of seconds. Not only does this ensure the safety of your home but it eliminates the fear of criminals cutting your phone line, which would render a traditional security system useless. On top of keeping your home safe and secure, wireless home video systems allow for a quick installation and gives you the option to move and/or add on to your surveillance system later!

2. Interactive Monitoring

Home surveillance systems give you a wide variety of options to help take your monitoring to the next level. This system will allow you to monitor multiple camera views to ensure the utmost safety and security of your home. Simply download Fleenor Security’s Total Connect app and view all camera angles from your smartphone no matter where you are!

3. Instant Alerts

Using the latest technology, Fleenor Security Systems keeps you and your family safe and secure. In addition, Fleenor gives you peace of mind while keeping you connected even when you’re away from home. Wherever you are, you will receive instant alerts when the monitor is triggered, keeping you in the know constantly. You even have the option to have a 10 second video clip sent to your email every time a sensor is triggered!

4. Crime Deterrent

Contrary to popular belief most burglars are actually quite intelligent and will spend days scouting out your property and developing a plan. One of the most effective ways to prevent a potential break-in is to not only have a sign indicating you have a monitored security system in place but to also have visible cameras placed in and around the home. A burglar’s intent is to break-in with as little effort and risk as possible. If you have a video surveillance system in place, odds are they will skip over your home and move on to an easier target.

5. Check in on the “Fur Babies”

Time away from your furry friends can cause stress not only for your pets but for you as well. Installing a camera system inside your home gives you the option to check in on them from a computer, tablet, or smartphone and view live stream footage. Whether you are away on vacation or just spending time at work, a video surveillance system can come in handy. It will bring you peace of mind and ensure the safety and needs of your pets are met.

6. The Safety of your Children

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could always keep an eye on your children? Keeping your kids safe is a parent’s number one priority but due to other responsibilities you can’t always be right there with them. Fortunately, installing a video surveillance system within your home can be the next best thing. Whether it is checking to see if your child got off the bus safely or monitoring your newborn from within their nursery, a camera within the home can be proven useful when ensuring the safety and security of your children.

7. Save Money on Home Insurance

Most major insurance companies will lower premiums if you protect your property against potential break-ins, fires, or water damage. In fact, on average installing monitored security devices in your home can reduce your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20 percent.

8. Keep Helpers in Check

Whether it is making sure your pets are feed while your out of town or keeping an eye on the babysitter, a video surveillance system can help bring you peace of mind and ensure your home and loved ones are well cared for. If you are a person who tends to worry, having a camera within your home will help ease your mind and allow you to enjoy your time away!

9. Automatically Alert Authorities

One of the greatest assets of a home surveillance system is the fact that you won’t have to worry about trying to get in touch with the authorities. A Fleenor Security system will immediately contact the appropriate authorities should the need arise.

10. Evidence for Authorities

Burglars very rarely leave evidence behind that could link them to their crime, leaving authorities with little information to go off of and all items stolen given up on. The traditional monitored burglar system will alert authorities but if they arrive after the burglar is gone, there is not much else that can be done. Installing a home video surveillance system will ensure that video footage is taken of the burglar and will be vital in making sure they are caught.

Juggling all of life’s responsibilities can be daunting. A video surveillance system installed by the professionals at Fleenor Security can help put you back in control and bring you peace of mind. Contact Fleenor Security for a free system evaluation today!

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